International Investors

For the international based investor, OLG provides innovative and customized equipment lease investments, including investment grade, middle market and portfolio opportunities. OLG’s lease investments can be structured under a large diversified equipment lease fund, or on a one-off transactional basis.

Benefits of OLG’s Equipment Lease Investments

  • Pre-determined, periodic rental payments which form the basis for predictable, stable cash flow for an investor.
  • Asset-backed transactions with mitigated investment risk.
  • A relatively liquid asset with an active syndication market.
  • Lease investment structure designed to minimize U.S. taxes.
  • Upside potential/profit at lease maturity from equipment sale or re-lease.
  • Exceed volume and income objectives through the acquisition of specific lease transactions.

OLG’s equipment lease investments for its international clients have the following general parameters:

Large, non-U.S. based financial institutions and high net worth individuals, interested in placing equity investments in asset-backed U.S. equipment leases.

Investment Structure

  • Equity ownership in 100% of the lease transaction
  • Off-shore entity investment structure
  • Shari’ah compliant lease structures available

Equity Investment Size
Lease investment funds of specific sizes can be established, or individual lease transactions can be provided on a one-off basis for investors.

Lease Fund: US$20 million, minimum; US$100 million, maximum.
One-off Leases: US$1 million, minimum; US$10 million, maximum.

Lease Transaction Size
US$1 million to US$10 million, per transaction.

12 to 60 month average investment life. Above 60 months considered on an exception basis.

Investments are available for both new and used equipment, across nearly all asset classifications. An investor may omit any asset classification from consideration, to meet their specific investment objectives and/or restrictions.

Investments are available across nearly all industry sectors. An investor may omit any industry from consideration, to meet their specific investment objectives and/or restrictions.

Asset Location
Unless otherwise specified, all leased assets are located in the U.S. Non-U.S. based assets considered on an exception basis.

Pre-determined, periodic rental payments for the return of the investor’s investment and profit.

Investments can be structured with or without residual positions, based upon an investor’s requirements.

Commensurate with credit rating; fixed at the prevailing market rate at the time of investment.

OLG is a full service leasing company with the capability to completely service all of its lease investments for its clients.

OLG provides all of the necessary investment documentation.

Tax Treatment
OLG has the experience and expertise in structuring an investor’s ownership of the lease investments in a manner that minimizes the payment of U.S. taxes.

Investment Approval
The investor may independently approve each lease transaction proposed by OLG.

Investment Requirements
The investor will execute a term sheet with OLG, detailing the specific pre-determined investment parameters for the lease investments to be considered.



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