Overland Capital Group, Inc. was founded in October 2001 by a group of investment and financial executives with more than 100 years of combined expertise in real estate and equipment leasing. It was founded to fill two gaps that existed in the international investment markets.

First, international investors, particularly those in Europe and the Middle East, wanted to place their investment dollars in stable U.S. assets and had little opportunity to do so efficiently. Some investors also required specialized products that would be consistent with their investment strategies and which were difficult to structure in the U.S.

Second, the consolidation of the financial services industry created large financial institutions that struggled to provide the personal attention required to successfully match international investors with appropriate U.S. investment products.

Overland was established as a private company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Boston, MA under the direction of James M. Godec, Chairman and CEO. Other original company founders include H. Russell Wilks, President, Rebecca P. Pedersen, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Beth Weicman, Senior Vice President and Director of Finance, and the late J. Michael Fitzgibbons.

Overland's first leasing deal was funded in March, 2002 and its first real estate transaction was closed in June, 2002. In 2003, with three other partners, Overland began developing First Leasing Bank in Bahrain. First Leasing was licensed and began formal operations in 2004. Overland Development Group was formed in 2005. To date, Overland has had over US$1.5 billion in assets under management in the aggregate and invested almost US$500 million for its clients.



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